E-Business plans

E-Commerce incursion provide us several advantages, from presence in the world to contact with potential clients in an efficient and direct way. Having a website on the internet is not enough if we have in mind the fact that 3,000 new websites are added to the internet daily. In the E-commerce companies are successful when they implement marketing, publicity, sales, and technology in an intelligent and effective way..

Today, E-commerce incurssion is an important need that can determine success or failure in the companies when they are competing with other companies in a global market..

We consider 3 basic aspects that integrate the first step to begin the E-commerce incurssion for any company or business.

  1. Donamin name registration.

  2. Using email account, for you and your workers, to communicate dynamically and electronically with your clients.

  3. Design, develop and publish a website in an efficient, robust, stable, high storage capacity server, connected to internet via a high band width, at least T1 classified.

In Aztech Pc Support we offer domain name registration service for your business, and also a hosting plan till 3 tera-bytes of information storage capacity, it will provide you the capacity to store your website and information about your clients, we also offer to you an access to a control panel in order to manage your email account (adding / removing) each one with your domain name as electronic address.

Domain name registration (www.your_company.com)

Ilimited email accounts with webmail and pop3 access (your_email@your_company.com)

Hosting capacity till 4 tera bytes

Access service to the server via ftp, ssh, web.

Compatible server with flash, vxml, java, php, pearl, mysql.

Server connected to internet using a T1 high band width

Permanent server monitoring 24 x 7

When you contract our services to get into the E-commerce, you will receive important advantages, like local assistance, immediate advice, and a successful incurssion to E-commerce for your business or company.